Resilient Urban Planning+Development (RUPD) GbR is a company based in Berlin, Germany founded by Parisa Kloss in 2013 to provide architectural design, urban planning as well as training and capacity building services to local communities, governmental and private sectors, NGOs and academic entities in national and international levels.


The main goal of RUPD is to integrate climate change adaptation to extreme weather events into urban planning and design process. RUPD helps to upgrade urban planning strategies and buildings’ performance according to future climate scenarios. It strives to accomplish projects with the best conditions for a resilient and long-lasting development. In order to achieve the goal effectively, an interconnected approach to the unique and dynamic changes is applied.


The idea of RUPD is to respect local traditions and their identities as well as long-term partnership, strategic planning, communication, and commitment. According to these ideas, it tries to involve local and international partners equally to not only create answers to the complex and continuous changes of the urban environment, but also benefit each group with a “Know-How” transfer. Working together with these partners enables us to create and elaborate innovative and practical solutions in a way that they can be replicated on a broader scale.


We try to create an innovative method for effective communication and sustained engagement between local, national and global actors. We develop a common language for the different actors and help thereby to improve the internal and external communication professionally.


In our collaborations, we are committed to our partners and the communities affected by the problems on a long-term basis.



The vision of RUPD is to extend its planning and design strategies and become internationally recognized for a comprehensive and integrated approach to utilize its multidisciplinary qualifications to provide a resilient and sustainable urban environment.




The mission of RUPD is to create a friendly urban environment and understand the complex urban transformations as opportunities to shift towards a resilient and sustainable future via its services.



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